Belly Dance Fitness

SharQui is an anatomical approach to belly dance that works the entire body so that you can work out safer and smarter. Not only do you learn the building blocks of belly dance and have a better understanding of how the body works, but you gain core strength, speed, isolation and stamina.

SharQui is for the person who wants a new and exciting way to get fit. It’s unique anatomical approach and easy-to-follow breakdown is a safe yet effective technique that everyone can do. This total body workout will get your heart pumping while you celebrate femininity and feed your soul. Both non-dancers and dancers alike will gain strength, balance, have better posture and feel great.

Burn up to 350 calories in 1 hour! This is a power packed dance workout that fuses the body-loving and soul-stimulating elements from the art form of bellydance with the fat blasting burn of a cardio workout.

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