Leah Lackner

For as long as I could remember, I was always looking for ways to keep busy and keep moving. I wasnever one who sat quietly in front of the television, but instead one who would be doing leg lifts and planks just to keep moving. My first experience with Pilates was in 2006, during my senior year of college. I was so impressed with how my body changed and how it improved my posture. After moving to Staten Island in 2007, I began taking Pilates classes at a local studio. The tension in my neck was gone, my shoulders were no longer in my ears, and my arms and legs had gained tremendous definition. I felt as if I had grown in height, I was standing taller, I felt longer and stronger in all aspects of my body! This interest quickly turned into an obsession and I was taking more and more Pilates sessions throughout NYC. Encouragement from an avid Pilates enthusiast and my passion for the practice brought me to enroll in a Teacher Training program at a local studio. My love and interest in the Pilates Method was and continues to be reinforced as an instructor. My approach to teaching The Classical Pilates method places a focus on proper form, building strength from the inside out (a strong core), and integrating all of the muscles in the body throughout each and every exercise. The depth of one’s breathe, the

precision of each movement and the focus of the mind as one tries to find a more centered self –

Now, that’s Pilates!

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