Apparatus (Pilates Equipment)

Invented by Joseph Pilates, these hand-crafted pieces of equipment are constructed with variable spring resistance which builds long and lean muscles and allows synergistic muscle engagement. The equipment tones and strengthens the whole body while focusing on proper alignment, increasing range of motion & flexibility.

The Reformer is an original piece of Pilates equipment which has a moving carriage and uses springs and pulleys to create resistance. Most of the exercises on the reformer take place in a supine or seated position. The reformer repertoire focuses on proper alignment while strengthening the core, legs, arms, back and butt. Great for back, knee, hip, ankle and shoulder injuries. Training on the Reformer will leave feeling rejuvenated, balanced and energized! (Offered in small group classes, privates and semi-private sessions)

Tower – Use of the tower equipment takes place on the Pilates mat using spring resistance. Focus is on core strengthening, spinal articulation and stabilization. The tower offers training for the legs, arms, back, butt and belly. Training on the tower is an invigorating full body workout! (Offered in small group classes, privates and semi-private sessions)

Cadillac- This large frame with a raised mat (bed) and springs on one side, and a push-thru bar on the other, is one of the best pieces of equipment for rehabilitation and stretching. One of the most versatile and efficient pieces of Pilates equipment, bridging the gap between fitness and therapy, The Cadillac offers something for all ages and abilities! (Can only accommodate private sessions)

Wunda Chair-The chair is the most challenging piece of equipment, with heavy springs and a small platform to balance on. Great for conditioning! (Offered in small group classes, privates and semi-private sessions)

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