Roseanne Venturino

Roseanne Venturino lives in Staten Island, NY. She is a Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor and Published Fitness Article Writer. She has competed in Figure, Bikini and Model Divisons, placing 2nd in The Fitness American Pageant (FAP) in NY. Her passion for fitness had started at a very young age. She believes that the benefits of fitness go well beyond the physical, and that physical, mental, and spiritual well being are all intertwined. Her positive approach instruction style is focused on improving one’s self esteem through a lifestyle that embraces physical fitness. Roseanne's specialty is to create a road map for those in need of direction and guidance in accomplishing their goals. She specializes in stength/cardio mix training, on-the-ball core and balance training as well as mastering jump roping.

She believes in the power of exercise and its uplifting effects. Through her personal training and group training strategies, her style encourages those that are suffering and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Roseanne has learned that exercise can have a cure-all effect on those that have manifested it as a lifestyle and she places much emphasis on this journey, making physical fitness a positive life long experience.

Roseanne is featured with an interview in World Physique Fall 2010 as July‘s Inspiration of the Month, as well as having been featured in World Physique Magazine (print version) . She is a contributing writer for Bella NYC Magazine, as she’s currently featured with her latest article for 2013.

Roseanne’s interest in inspiring others also projects through her writing. She has written her own creations in her monthly page of Quotes from the Heart by Roseanne Venturino in World Physique and continues to inspire others through her daily quotes on

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